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Who will go to the underworld which can be seen as hell

Greedy people who accumulate wealth or possessions instead of helping (the poor, the environment, development and efforts for a better world).
They may afford to live a luxurious life for a few years, but after that comes a very long hellish time (So no reason to be jealous).

All people who exert power on others, who impose their will on others. Especially dictators and elites who want to exert power on all people.

All violent people, especially murderers. This includes instructing or ordering people to use violence or even murder.
Even people who let violence happen although they could prevent the events and people who animate others to violence.
Also suicides, also people who support or animate others in this project.
This includes creeping suicide: drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, ...
Producers and dealers of weapons and drugs are personally responsible for what happens with these products.
Company managers and entrepreneurs who produce or sell products that pollute the environment, are harmful to health, cause animal suffering, ...
Company managers and entrepreneurs who exploit their workers through too low wages and poor working conditions. And cheat them on their profit share.
Company managers and entrepreneurs who cheat their customers by inflated prices, landlords who cheat their tenants by excessive rental claims.

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