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The truth about religions

While some religions are close to the truth (as Buddhism), most religions are complete heresies:
- Religions which glorify violence, that animate or accept the use of violence, calling for the use of force.
- Religions which don't accept all people as equal, oppress women as inferior, consider believers of other religions as inferior.
- Religions which restrict the freedom of people (as dress codes, no permission to create a family, forced marriage).
- Religions which don't regard a marriage as equal partnership between an adult male and an adult female, which allow more than one marriage at the same time.
- Religions which promote the unlimited increase of the population, which inevitably leads to self-destruction of humanity.
- Religions which serve to self-enrichment of the religious community and its leadership.
- Religions where religious leaders exercise power over their members, dictate rules that restrict their freedom.
- Religions which accept that people exploit other people.
- Religions which don't care that the earth, the nature and environment is preserved for future generations.
- Religions that believe in more than one God. Religions that worship Satan or Luzifer as their god.
- Religions which don't know that reincarnation is a fact.

Members of malicious heresies wither in their mind more and more resulting finally in the bottomless abyss.
Atheism is also a misconception that not believing in God is a serious mistake!

The prophets were NOT religious founders!
The truth about Islam and Koran

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