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The truth about Islam and Koran

When the Prophet Muhammad died in 632 AD, the Koran did NOT exist!
There were people who knew parts from memory, that is, oral transmission and there were written records.
The most significant issue is that of the third caliph, Uthman. (Uthman was caliph between 644 to 656 AD.)
The script became a dogma. Deviating Koran versions should be destroyed.
Allah personally spoke Arabic. (And God personally later only spoke Latin for Christians)
But this is an Aramaic-Arabic mixed language that was no longer fully understood by the later generations and therefore often misread.
For example: Verse 31 of the Sura 24 (An-Nur) forms the Qur'anic base in Islam for the headscarf commandment for women. Literally the passage says: You (the women) should beat their chumur over their pockets.
Chumur as a Syriac-Aramaic word has the meaning girdle, the passage can also be interpreted as: they shall bind a girdle around the loins.
Precisely because of the similarity between the two Semitic languages of Syriac and Arabic, mistakes and misunderstandings have occurred, because similar and related expressions do not always mean the same thing.
The Koran sees itself as part and confirmation of the Old and New Testaments !!!
The Koran has recognizable Christian roots.
Islam is essentially a Jewish-Christian religion whose mission is to translate the Bible into Arabic in order to spread monotheism among the Arabs.

In addition, Islam religion has been abused for power maintenance and seizure of power. It contains calls for violence and misdemeanor should be punished by force (sharia).
Furthermore, Islam religion was abused for war propaganda. It contains calls to kill and make war.
The heresy wants to persuade the people who follow this call to violence, murder and the war will be rewarded in the hereafter, the opposite is the case, that's the truth!
Misguided religious fanatics who use violence against the people reserve a place in hell.
Real martyrs fight against dictators who oppress the people or even wage war against their own people or against others.

However, every Muslim can live a positive life in peace and harmony:
• If he ignores these additions in the Koran that call for violence, murder and war. If he does not do violence to anyone.
• If he accepts that all people have the same value, no one oppresses. Persons with different faith and unbelievers are not inferior, husband and wife are equal. Just one wife at the same time is permitted.
• If he accepts that it is his duty to live in his homeland. Escape is only permissible temporarily for families during war, and able-bodied men must defend the well-being of their country.
• If he accepts that on a limited earth, the number of people must be limited so that a dignified life for all can be possible, so a maximum of 3 children.
• If he accepts that his children are not his property, especially no circumcision, no forced marriage, no child marriage.
• If he does not make or support animal sacrifices. Only bloodless offerings are conducive.
• If wealthy, he must contribute to the good of humanity, starting in the homeland.

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