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The hell/underworld exists!

If your religion has told you that there is heat and fire: Sorry, this is complete bullshit!

What does it really look like:
Darkness, cold, bestial stench, extreme dirt, desolate landscape, living in a hovel or outdoors, torture by other inhabitants, gloom and despair;
There is an eternal night.

Satan, Devil
The satan/devil as an individual does not exist! God is one there is no counterpart, everything else is half and has counterparts.
However there are demons (malicious beings) und Luzifer, a fallen angel.

How do we know this:
From people who have actually seen that place at near death experiences!

Here is an example of a horrible near death experience:
I saw these devils with all their awfulness before me.
And none of the representations I have seen on Earth so far can only explain in the smallest way how horrible these devils actually look!
And so I saw how many dark figures suddenly came out of the walls.
They seemed to be quite normal people, but they all had this awfully horrible look.
Oh yes, they exist: And they already started circling me. They wanted to get me.
Can you imagine my horror? My fear, this horror? It was the purest horror!
I wanted to flee back to my body, but my body stopped taking me.
I wanted nothing but away, but I was shipped to the inside of one of those tunnels that were suddenly there and led down.
Defenceless I plunged into this darkness, for which there is simply no comparison.
The darkest darkness of this earth is still a bright midday.
But there this darkness causes terrible pain, horror and shame, and it stinks horribly!
And there were also more and more horrible figures and creatures to be seen, defaced in a way we cannot imagine.
Unfortunately, terrifying to horrific near death experiences are not so rare:
I am an op-sister in a hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. We have a lot of near death cases there, and almost all of them are of a negative kind. You know, people who end up in hell!
You must also tell people about hell. It exists. I know it. I was there!

Statements of people how a near death experience has changed their lives:
Before my heart attack I was a hounded, aggressive guy. If something did not fit me, I made the others life to hell, at home and at work. Now, however, I am the most affable man, do not yell at my wife any more and do not urge anyone my will.
I now perceive it as my goal of life, every day as much positive as I can pass on to anyone who meets me.
The changes in my life are extraordinarily positive. My interest in material goods, my greed for possession, was superseded by a hunger for knowledge and the passionate yearning for a better world.

The founder of the Church of Satan and author of the Satanic Bible died in 1997 and was filmed during his last moments:
He could see his whole life pass by and also saw an angel of light who showed him what he had done by devoting his life to satanism and founding satanic organizations.
He went into shock and regretted everything he had done and started to stutter and pray to God for making a big mistake.
He saw the hell in which he now had to go!
He pleaded with God and asked for mercy so that he would not have to go to this terrible place forever, he pleaded for his life and a chance to be able to make amends, but it was already too late!
Even though he realized his terrible mistakes at the deathbed, his soul was already lost and he went to hell!
So in the end he had regretted and realized that hell is a very real place where all those who are misled and deceived come to!

Is there a way out of hell?
There are two possibilities:
You work your way back up to get back into a reincarnation cycle. But evil forces will do anything to prevent this.
You work yourself further down. The end is the black death, the loss of the soul. This self-destruction is the only possibility a soul can be destroyed otherwise you can live eternally. Do you want to risk this?

The best solution:
Do your best that you will not get there.
And note: You just can do good in your physical body, in the hereafter it is not possible anymore, so take your chance!

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