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Doing bad - examples

Violence To kill somebody, also to order or force a killing and suicide. To kill for greed is even worse.
Be aware soldiers: This is the profession to kill, don't do it!
To all who carry weapons to kill people, don't do it! Don't sell killing weapons, you are responsible what is done with them!
Don't be violent to anybody in any way, especially not to children, partner, subordinates, weaker persons; And also not to animals.
Don't destroy or damage something deliberately that belong to others or the public.
Deprivation Wrongful deprivation of personal liberty, abduction, kidnapping;
Elopement, arranged marriages, force somebody to marry an unknown or somebody not wanted, force children to marry;
The worst: to force the daughter to marry her rapist!
Lock the partner in the home, force somebody to wear something not liked, ...
Greed, theft Don't possess much more then the others.
Don't have a luxury life when poor have to fight for their survival. Even worse: You have a luxury life and watching the poor at their fight for survival.
Don't take away anything from people who have less then you. Don't enrich yourself at the expense of others. Don't demand interest for loans.
Insult Don't insult at disputes.
Humiliation Don't humiliate people who are smaller/slower/more stupid/differently then you. All have the same value as you.
Man and woman are of equal value.
Lack fo consideration, disrespectful behavior Show respect to others, don't hinder others with your behavior.
Show respect to future generations, don't litter the environment.

Negative thoughts imagination and wishing forces
Extremly negative are thoughts of resentment, envy, jealousy, anger, cursing or even hatred.

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